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Every day of the year, backpacks are helpful, whether you’re a student carrying textbooks or a traveller setting out on another international trip. And for your everyday needs, there is no better option than a traditional JanSport backpack.

The pioneer in bags, backpacks, and portable accessories is JanSport. Their goods are well-liked because of their straightforward design, dependability, and reasonable prices. The packs come in various colours and designs to suit every person and situation.

When looking to get your first JanSport backpack, remember several crucial elements that will influence your choice, including price, style, and the characteristics you want, such as size, straps, pockets, and style.

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Washing a JanSport backpack by hand is the safest cleaning method. Remove any objects, then wash the area with warm water and organic soap. The backpack should be hung up to dry in a well-ventilated, secure place. However, avoid drying the backpack in the dryer. You may also machine wash it in cold water.

How do you plan to use your jansport backpack ?

Consider your normal activities when choosing a type and size because your specific needs will influence these decisions. A compact or medium-sized, straightforward, and lightweight design can be of most interest to you if you intend to use your backpack for the gym, work, or school. However, a larger model with many pockets can be better if you want to use your bag for travel or trekking.

jansport backpack Materials

The 600 denier textiles used to make the JanSport backpack can include recycled nylon, polyester, and Cordura in addition to PEVA foam, metal, and mesh. 

Some models have suede leather inserts along the bottom and sides for increased durability and a fashionable look. The materials used in JanSport backpacks are undoubtedly consistent with their reputation for endurance and toughness.

Additionally, JanSport produces several backpacks from excess scrap materials, 100% recycled nylon, and 100% recycled polyester. They increase their sustainability efforts by minimizing trash and lowering their carbon footprint.

jansport backpack Styles

Several different designs of JanSport backpack are available to fit various activities. They provide rucksack-style and lifestyle backpacks in addition to backpacks for trekking and school. 

Depending on the function, their shape and size differ. Hiking and rucksack backpacks open at the top and fasten with buckles, whereas casual school or work backpacks have a main compartment with a zipper.

jansport backpack Sizes

Mini, small, medium and significant is the four sizes of backpacks produced by JanSport. Fanny packs and tiny bags that can only fit a few items are included in the category of mini JanSport backpacks. 

Their smaller and medium-sized loads are perfect for daily usage at work, school, or travelling. The hiking packs and rucksacks offered by JanSport are ideal for longer journeys or carrying heavier loads.


jansport backpack
A JanSport backpack with an elastic water bottle holder is what you want to find. Unlike a bottle holder made of cloth, this can store bottles of different sizes.


  • Main compartment: A JanSport backpack’s main compartment comprises one or two roomy pouches that may accommodate bulky things.These are typically used for items like notebooks and books and clothes like hoodies and sweatshirts. Two major compartments that are divided by fabric are included in large JanSport backpacks so you may organize your items.
  • Pockets: Interior and external pockets are standard features of JanSport backpacks for stowing away smaller items like keys, pens, food, or phones. Some pockets have pen holders and tiny zipped storage spaces to protect valuables.
  • Laptop sleeve: You’llYou’ll probably want a JanSport backpack with a padded sleeve for a laptop or tablet if you intend to use it for school or work. This is particularly practical because it keeps the gadget separate and safe from other objects in the main compartment that can scratch or harm it differently.
  • Bottle holder: A fabric or elastic water bottle sleeve is commonly found on the side of JanSport backpacks. This is a helpful convenience for water, soda, or another item with a comparable form when you’re on the road.

Straps and handles For jansport backpack

There are two straps on each JanSport backpack so that you can wear it comfortably on your shoulders. At the bottom, small buckles can be used to adjust the shoulder straps. 

The top of several variants also has a valuable loop for carrying the pack by hand. The straps are constructed of canvas or Cordura with foam padding for comfort.

Your JanSport backpack’s straps or handles are a great place to put a baggage tag so you can quickly identify your bag and make sure your contact information is available in case you lose it.

jansport backpack Zippers and buckles

To ensure that your staff stay safely inside, the JanSport backpack’s main compartments and pockets seal using either metal zippers or thin plastic buckles.

Padded back

The user’s back is lightly padded on the JanSport backpack panel for increased comfort, support, and security.


  • Inexpensive: The least expensive options are JanSport backpacks with simple designs in mini, small, and medium sizes. Typically, they have one or two pockets and one colossal compartment. A water bottle holder and a simple laptop sleeve are among their features. They range from $25 to $50.
  • Mid-range: Most of these JanSport bags are more extensive, higher-quality medium and large loads. The bags are more significant and include more pockets or compartments and colourful ornamentation. Additionally, some designs feature additional straps, buckles, and suede accents. Each cost between $50 and $80.
  • Expensive: The most significant models of JanSport backpacks, intended for trekking or travel, cost the most. They come with extra pockets and compartments, a telescoping handle, or even wheels. Costs range from $80 to $140.


  • Don’tDon’t leave wet or dirty items in your backpack: Remove any smelly or damp items as soon as possible. If you keep them in your backpack, bacteria and odours will grow. Remove any wet or dirty objects from your bag and give it a quick clean-down to increase lifespan. After giving it deodorizing spray, hang your backpack to dry naturally.
  • Personalize your gear: Adding hot-glued patches, tags, or diamonds to your purse is a creative way to spruce it up. Additionally, the fabric can be embellished using permanent markers. These give it a unique touch, and the crafting task provides you something entertaining and imaginative to accomplish!
  • Hang up your backpack on a hanger or coat rack: Keeping your bag off the ground keeps it from getting dirty or tramped on, further protecting the items within. Because of this, pets and young children are kept out of the bag.


JanSport is by far the best backpack maker on the market. The Jansport Superbreak is their most popular model. Why? 

It’s super affordable, has plenty of space, and comes in many colours, with pockets comparable to the Ogio backpack. For the price, you just can’t beat that. And finally, if you are looking for a great school bag or a bag for travelling, try out the JanSport Right Pack. 

This one is also popular because of its looks and features, such as water bottle holders on both sides of your backpack AND a place to put your laptop in case you want extra protection. 

All in all, JanSport makes high-quality, sturdy products that help save us from back pain (because, let’s be honest, lugging those things around every day isn’t good for our backs).


Are JanSport backpacks still cool?

An excellent choice is a Jansport backpack. They are not only relatively durable but also come in a variety of hues. Given that they will never go out of style, you can pick your favourite or purchase several if you’re having trouble deciding.

What is the classic JanSport backpack called?

The JanSport SuperBreak®, with its timeless shape, is incredibly lightweight for everyday usage. The bag comes in over 30 various colours and prints, making it ideal for any type of personal expression.

Are JanSport backpacks good for school?

Jansport Superbreak: Once more, Jansport is a reputable and trustworthy brand of backpacks. We thought this bag was simple, with no gadget compartment and little cushioning. Although it is the least costly high school bag we looked at, it is still a viable choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Why is JanSport SuperBreak so popular?

The Superbreak Backpack by Jansport
It is obvious why JanSport has maintained its position at the top for so long. They produce beneficial, reasonably priced backpacks that can handle any daily work. They are also one of the most customizable bag manufacturers, thanks to their wide selection of colours.

How much weight can a JanSport backpack hold?

Most JanSport small or medium backpacks can hold 20 to 30 pounds. The straps and seams of bags frequently used to carry this weight are prone to tear more easily. Large JanSport backpacks can accommodate between 30 and 45 pounds and feature larger straps.

 Can I use a JanSport backpack as a carry-on?

TSA regulations state that carry-on bags must not exceed 22 inches long. Most small and medium JanSport backpacks are ideally sized to serve as carry-ons. Many of the large JanSport backpacks can also be used as carry-ons, but the hiking and ski backpacks are too big.

Do JanSport backpacks have a lifetime warranty?

On its backpacks, JanSport provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws. This warranty does not cover any damage brought on by user error or personal injury.