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Is a new north face backpack in your future? The appropriate balance of functionality and personality is essential for a backpack to integrate into your daily life and be an investment and lifestyle choice. Fortunately, the manufacturers at North Face are masters in backpacks and provide a wide selection.

North Face backpacks come in sizes to fit everyone, whether you’re planning a significant camping trip or just packing light for the campus. 

You may anticipate a wide range of organizational options for your backpack in terms of compartments, storage, pockets, and expandability. 

North Face backpacks, which come in a vast array of designs, hues, and possibilities, are made from premium fabrics and are designed to withstand daily use, outdoor activities, and international travel.

Are you prepared to go on a hike and start looking for a new North Face backpack? Read our buying guide while you relax to learn about your new backpack’s features.

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Best of the Best Best of the Best
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The North Face Recon Backpack
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Best Bang for the Buck Best Bang for the Buck 53afb22ed44af630bf3108621a83813d 8cdc8a The North Face Borealis
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9d6fbf461f57d2dfb5c1db3ad004a3d3 d8ca9f The North Face Youth Sprout
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Choose a bag with more zipped pockets than open external compartments if you take public transportation. Even though you should always store valuables within a bag, it’s crucial to have one that can have all of its compartments closed and locked.

Child or mini

Primary and middle school students are the target market for the North Face’s smaller backpacks, commonly known as “mini” models. For those who prefer to commute light, mini styles are perfect. 

Minis can also be used as handbags by some people. Note on sizing: Since tiny backpack straps are much smaller than full-size backpack straps, some adults may have trouble wearing a mini over a jacket.

North Face Backpack For Students

Most students will like the organization provided by North Face backpacks, especially those in high school and college. 

Laptop slots and other compartments for gadgets and office materials are included in student-style bags. These come in more than one size, so if your laptop is more extensive, you can choose a more oversized backpack.

North Face Backpack For Commuters/travelers

Most of what they require may be found in North Face backpacks designed for students by many commuters or tourists. 

However, commuter/traveler models provide excellent alternatives like exterior water bottle pockets, headphone ports, and more divided internal pockets if you’re searching for extra practical compartments. 

Additionally, these versions include more exterior zippered storage spaces because commuters and travelers are more concerned with security.

North Face Backpack For Camping

Some North Face backpacks are designed specifically for camping, though most of them would be a welcome addition to any trip. 

The emphasis with these backpacks is on making the most space for supplies, snacks, and clothing. Many of them have substantial bungee cords that you may use to store other footwear or equipment. 

Additionally, some thoughtfully positioned loops and tabs where you may hang fishing equipment and lamps.


Bring your child’s new backpack to their next doctor’s appointment if you’re worried about their posture after purchasing it. Your child’s doctor can assist you in adjusting the backpack so that it distributes weight more evenly over their back.


The most popular color for North Face backpacks is black, although the company’s entire line of products is available in a wide range of hues, prints, and patterns. 

Both more conventionally masculine and feminine color schemes and gender-neutral color combinations are available. If you’re looking for a single color in a North Face backpack, your options are restricted to black, blue, gray, or white.


In their backpacks, The North Face combines ripstop nylon and mesh. North Face backpacks are known for outlasting the competition because their ripstop nylon is thicker than the typical nylon used by other firms. 

North Face backpacks utilize mesh, an incredibly flexible material, in various ways. Frequently used for pockets and compartments is coarse, robust mesh. Another type of mesh, comparable to the mesh used in basketball shorts, is commonly used in garments with added comfort cushioning. 

This softer, smoother mesh won’t catch on your clothing and acts as a thin, cozy covering for additional cushioning.

Specialty compartments

There are various types of specialty compartments included in North Face backpacks. There are specific slots or pockets for computers, pens, water bottles, notebooks, footwear, and cell phones. 

With an astounding amount of zipped compartments in its backpacks, The North Face distinguishes itself from the competition. 

The zippers are high-quality and resistant to corruption, so you can pack them carelessly, knowing they will last as long as the rest of the backpack. They are also placed strategically for maximum ease.


The maximum amount of room in your backpack is only sometimes necessary, but you genuinely need it when it is. There is an expandability feature on some North Face backpacks because of this. 

The cloth is folded, then tucked inside a zipper to conceal the additional area. Expandable portions could often add one to four inches. 

While it might not seem like much, it can mean packing additional clothing for an overnight vacation, so it’s an excellent alternative to consider.

Comfort engineering

Since large weights are frequently carried by backpacks, North Face incorporates comfort engineering into their backpack designs. All bags have adjustability, including removable compartments or adjustable straps to decrease the load. 

Some strap designs include quilting or foam cushioning to reduce pressure on the shoulders and back. In specific scenarios, extra crossbody straps with snap closures over the chest keep the backpack firmly in place when you’re walking or trekking. 

Additionally, by distributing weight equally across your upper body instead of isolating it on the straps, which can put too much pressure and strain on the lower back, this feature aids in preventing back pain.


  • Inexpensive: Minis and children’s fashions can be found at the lower end of the price range, from $35 to $60. This category of backpack frequently has fewer pockets and features.
  • Mid-range: Mid-range North Face bags costing between $60 and $120 offer more organization with various sections if that’s what you’re searching for.
  • Expensive: Larger backpacks designed for camping are available for between $120 and $200 at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Among North Face backpacks, high-end camping backpacks often offer the best level of organization and can hold various materials.


  • Get a coordinating lunch box: You can get a lunchbox from North Face or another company in a shade that goes with your backpack.
  • Keep pens capped: When putting pens, markers, and highlighters into your bag, make sure the caps are on them to prevent ink explosions and permanent stains.
  • Keep convenient essentials in outer pockets: Place your munchies, hair ties, and tissues in the exterior pockets of your backpack for quick access.
  • Remove dirty gym clothes: Your pack may begin to smell like a locker room if you use it to store your workout attire. To keep your North Face bag as fresh as possible, empty your soiled exercise gear as soon as you arrive home.
  • Buy based on height: Examine the measurements to see which backpacks, if any, would best fit your child if you purchase more than one. Some designs work better for younger kids, while full-size adult backpacks work better for taller kids and teenagers.


You’ll repeatedly hear: “You get what you pay for.” With the North Face Borealis backpack, that’s absolutely true. 

This backpack is built to last with materials that will be tough and resilient even after plenty of use. While other bags will start to fall apart at the seams, this one will last for years without any issues. 

And when you do experience a problem with your North Face Borealis backpack, don’t hesitate to bring it to your local They’ll repair it immediately and have you on your way in under an hour.


What is the most popular North Face backpack?

Our Top Recommended Backpacks from North Face
The Borealis Backpack by The North Face (Overall Best North Face Backpack)
Best Women’s Backpack: The North Face Recon Backpack
The Jester Backpack by The North Face (Best Hiking Daypack)
Bag: The North Face Surge (Best Travel Backpack)

What North Face backpack is the best for college?

The best college bag is the North Face Jester. A padded 15-inch laptop sleeve, a front organizing pocket, and mesh water bottle holders are all features of this 30-liter bag.

Should I buy a North Face backpack?

Yes, North Face bags are pricey but worthwhile. You may use them for a long time because they are built with high-quality materials and are sturdy. North Face has an excellent reputation for developing versatile backpacks that can be used for many activities, including hiking, camping, or traveling.

Which is better Recon or borealis?

The specifications show that there is little difference between these packs on paper. The main distinctions between the Recon and Borealis are internal size, weight, and minor elements. The Borealis has a capacity of 30L instead of the Recon’s 28L, making it slightly thicker and heavier.

Do all North Face backpacks fit laptops?

Even though it might not have a designated place, most of them will have enough room for an average laptop. If you intend to carry your computer frequently, choose a design with a padded pocket or compartment to keep it safe. The size of your computer should also be taken into account. Lesser-than-15-inch laptop devices can fit in almost any backpack. More extensive models, measuring 17 inches and beyond, will need help to work within a typical North Face bag.

My zipper is caught on the lining and now it’s jammed. What do I do?

If your zipper becomes stuck, try first pulling it through to the end and, if it succeeds, reversing it. That ought should free the tangled lining. Use your pointer finger and thumb to roll back the lining as you slowly pull the zipper forward if a significant quantity of lining is caught in the zipper. The zipper may release the lining if there is a pressure difference. However, this requires effort. According to some users, a clogged zipper can also be unblocked by using clear lip balm, WD-40, or Windex.