Camping can be a lot of fun, but not everyone wants to go all out. If you want to camp with a few creature comforts, you might be interested in purchasing one or more camping chairs.

Consider which features, materials, and price points are most important to you while shopping for a camping chair for your next outdoor journey.


Why should you buy a camping chair? Here are some of the advantages.

  • Comfort: Sitting in a camping chair around the campfire or while eating meals is far more comfortable than sitting on the ground.
  • Warmth: Sitting on a camping chair raises you off the ground, so you’ll keep warmer on chilly evenings.
  • Versatility: Camping chairs are also ideal for tailgating, music festivals, some athletic events, and other situations where sitting is not available.



Some camping chairs are more substantial than others. Depending on where you use your chair and how you get there, this may or may not be a worry.

If you’re going camping, you’ll probably want a lightweight camping chair (about two pounds) if you’re going to:

  • You intend to bring your chair to a music festival or another event where you will be going from location to location.
  • Intend to hike a considerable distance to your camping location.
  • You have a limited range of motion, poor balance, or weak arm muscles.

You won’t mind if your camping chair is heavier (two pounds or more) if:

  • Typically, you camp in areas where you can drive straight up to your campsite.
  • You want to sit in your camping chair while tailgating or simply relaxing on your lawn.


The majority of camping chairs feature a steel or aluminum frame and a nylon seat. The chair will last longer and be more sturdy if the nylon is thicker and stronger. Cheap camping chairs are usually made of thin nylon that rips quickly, especially where it connects to the frame.

Some camping chairs include foam padding as well. Closed-cell foam is fantastic since it doesn’t absorb water and won’t get wet if you are caught in the rain.


Some camping chairs are superior to others in terms of comfort. A well-padded camping chair may entice you to relax for hours, whereas a bare-bones chair with no padding isn’t as appealing — at least not for long periods of time.

The heavier the chair is, the comfier it is. So you’ll have to choose between a lighter chair with greater portability and a padded chair that is really comfortable but also quite weighty.


Some camping chairs have a lower profile than others. Which chair height is the most comfortable for you? Consider the following points.

  • Lower chairs are ideal for sitting at a table, but not so much for sitting around a campfire.
  • Consider how you’ll spend the majority of your time in your camping chair. This might assist you in determining the appropriate chair height.
  • If you’re purchasing camping chairs for your entire family, we recommend that everyone sits on a chair that is the same height.


Camping chairs come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit all tastes. Of course, buying a cool-looking camping chair that is badly manufactured is pointless; when it comes to camping chairs, appearance should not take precedence over function.

However, if you can find a high-quality camping chair in a color or pattern that you like, we recommend that you take advantage of it. Furthermore, if you have a distinctive-looking camping chair, it will be easy to remember which one is yours… and it will be less likely that another camper will mistakenly pick it up.


What should you expect to get for your money when buying a camping chair, and how much should you spend? The guidelines that follow will provide you with some general suggestions.

  • Basic camping chairs can be found in this price range, which ranges from $10 to $20. While there are some diamonds in this collection, they aren’t necessarily especially long-lasting. Additionally, these low-cost chairs may be heavy or bulky, making transportation difficult.
  • Camping chairs in this price range should be sufficient for most people. These products, especially those priced about $60, are usually of excellent quality.
  • High-end camping chairs can be found in this price range, ranging from $60 to $150. These chairs are usually well-padded and long-lasting. If you have back problems and require a lumbar support camping chair, you’ll probably find it here.


  • Choose between an upright and a reclining chair. Some camping chairs are designed to be upright, similar to a dining chair. Others are snoozing. An upright model is preferable if you wish to sit at a table or watch a performance. A reclining chair, on the other hand, is ideal for lounging or sunbathing.
  • Think about getting a chair with a sunshade. Some camping chairs come with a sunshade, which is ideal if you plan on spending a lot of time in the sun. You might welcome a chair with a sunshade if you plan to spend time on a beach or in an open field, for example.
  • Keep in mind the material of your chair. When left out in the sun, camping chairs constructed of UV-resistant material are more durable and less prone to fading.
  • Consider getting a chair with a built-in chiller. In hot weather, some camping chairs have built-in coolers to keep food and drinks cool.

Top 5 BEst camping chairs

IMAGE Product name DETAILS store
71R7U2Csq1L. AC SL1500
POP Design The Hot Seat, Heated Portable Chair
  • Product Dimensions :33"D x 21.5"W x 39"H
  • Recommended Uses For Product :Camping
  • Room Type :Outdoor
  • Color:Grey
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage :Outdoor
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OneTigris OneTigris 714na2KEshS. AC SL1500 OneTigris Camping Backpacking Chair, 330 lbs Capacity,
  • Product Dimensions :22.4"D x 19.6"W x 25.6"H
  • Recommended Uses For Product :Camping
  • Form Factor :Foldable
  • Color:Brown
  • Material:Polyester, Textile
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Coleman Coleman 81zzDnLOXmL. AC SL1500 Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler
  • Product Dimensions :8.1"D x 37.6"W x 9.1"H
  • Recommended Uses For Product :Relaxing, Camping
  • Form Factor :Foldable
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Alloy Steel
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GCI GCI 81NQly+mCRL. AC SL1500 GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair
  • Product Dimensions :24.75"D x 24.5"W x 34"H
  • Recommended Uses For Product :Camping
  • Furniture base movement:Rock
  • Color:Cinnamon
  • Room Type :Patio Garden
Check On Amazon
KingCamp KingCamp 61lzE2aPYiL. AC SL1500 KingCamp Loveseat Camping Chair Double Seat
  • Product Dimensions :21"D x 55"W x 36"H
  • Brand:KingCamp
  • Form Factor :Loveseat, Foldable
  • Color:Black
  • Item Weight:13.4 Pounds
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We’ve discovered that overall build quality is linked to pricing, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Because Coleman didn’t have to worry about keeping weight down, a budget camping chair like the Coleman Oversize Quad, which has no business on a hiking trip, is durable and trustworthy.

When compared to a lightweight type like the Helinox Chair Zero or REI Flexlite Air, it can endure a lot more abuse.

Backpacking chairs are more expensive than regular chairs because they require thinner but stronger structural materials, such as aluminum, which is more expensive than thick steel.

However, Coleman’s build quality is inferior to the Alps Mountaineering King Kong, which is similarly designed but more expensive.

The seat fabric quality rises with price, so it’s not just about the frame and rivets. Seat fabrics that sag over time, seams that fray, and mesh that develops holes are all common problems with inexpensive camp chairs.

All of the models on our list are built to perform well for years and are free of these flaws. True, the fabric on the less expensive Coleman Quad should begin to break before the King Kong or GCI Freestyle, but they cost twice as much and might not last twice as long.


The recent growth of the camping chair market has resulted in a bewildering array of unique swivel, rock, and/or recline designs. On our list, we added the Nemo Stargaze Recliner (which reclines, rocks, and swings), the Nemo Moonlight (which only reclines), and the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker.

More moving parts almost typically means more durability worries and an extra complicated set-up, and you’re paying more for a specialist design. Traditional types like the REI Co-op Camp X, Alps King Kong, and Kijaro Dual Lock, in our opinion, have a much broader appeal, cost less, and are all most campers require.

However, if you despise sitting still or simply prefer something different, There’s no doubting that it’s more enjoyable.


This article is about camp chairs, which are hefty, comfortable, and filled with features, and are designed to be hauled short distances from your car to a campsite, ball field, or concert.

The REI Flexlite Air and Helinox Chair Zero, however, are two of the kinds mentioned above that are sometimes used for backpacking.

Instead of weighing ten pounds or more, these streamlined designs just one pound and pack down tiny enough to fit in your backpack’s water bottle holster.

Another alternative is Crazy Creek’s Original Chair (not featured here), which is the most packable of the lot, however, the legless design is significantly less comfy.

Most professional backpackers we know don’t bring a chair because the added weight is noticeable, and it’s typically easy to find a stump or log to sit on.

However, the models indicated above are excellent choices for short backpacking excursions or for individuals who want to use their chairs both while camping and in the backcountry.

There are a lot of great camping chairs available on the market, but they differ in design, features, materials, and price points.

If your children love camping, you may want to look for a chair that can double as a chair for the whole family or one that your child will enjoy in his/her room at home. You may also prefer to get some chairs that fold and fit into your luggage.

If you are looking for an affordable option, there are some really good folding chairs available for as low as $12, which makes it easy on your budget.


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