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Adidas is a leading manufacturer of fitness gear, sneakers, and, of course, adidas backpacks as one of the world’s finest sporting brands. Adidas backpacks are the ideal combination of athletic and functional. These backpacks are built to carry sporting equipment, but they’ll easily transition from the classroom to the locker room.There are several variables to consider before purchasing a backpack. Will you be carrying a laptop with you? Do you have enough space for a sports ball? How much work will you have to do on a daily basis? Design, color, size, and compartments should all be considered. For athletes, a compartment for a water bottle, for example, is useful.

Adidas has a wide choice of backpacks to pick from, no matter what your demands are. We in this article are happy to assist you in narrowing down your options. Read our shopping guide to learn more about what Adidas backpacks have to offer. Take a look at our suggestions when you’re ready to buy one.



Size is one of the first things to think about. This is especially true for students who are balancing athletics and a full course load. Smaller backpacks typically have a capacity of 11 to 20 liters. There’s enough room for a pencil case, a few notebooks, and a tiny laptop. It’s also a good size for younger athletes and students (think 12 and under).

If you’re traveling from the classroom to the locker room, you’ll need a bag with a capacity of at least 20 to 30 liters, preferably 30 to 40 liters. This big bag can accommodate all of your school supplies as well as athletic equipment or even a sports ball.


The classic two-strap backpack, especially one with a zipper, is constantly in vogue. Zippered backpacks open on either side where the zipper sits; this is the backpack design you’re generally used to. Fortunately, Adidas also offers a variety of top-loading bags for those looking for something a little different.

Top-loading bags have a huge main storage compartment that can only be accessed from the top. A zipper is one option, although plastic buckles are also popular. Some top-loading backpacks have two handles at the top that can be used to turn the bag into a tote. Bicyclists will appreciate these bags, however, top-loading bags typically have fewer sections than zippered bags.

Compartments are another element that can make or ruin a product. Students may prefer a bag that includes a laptop sleeve as well as a front pocket. The side pockets can be used to hold water bottles and other small objects… Consider an Adidas backpack with multiple inside sections if you want to carry a lot of tiny goods.

A lower front pocket on some Adidas backpacks is large enough to handle a sports ball. A ventilated compartment for athletic shoes is another frequent sports bag feature.


The bulk of Adidas backpacks, like many other athletic brands, is constructed of polyester or a polyester blend. This material is light, breathable, and long-lasting. It’s also more resistant to water than canvas. Just keep in mind that polyester can melt at very high temperatures, so don’t put it in the dryer.



Unlike several other big sports manufacturers, Adidas offers a variety of design options. They have a lot of black and white minimalist backpacks to select from. Those looking for a splash of color might go for backpacks in vibrant hues and designs. The Adidas emblem, whether the old three stripes or the contemporary trefoil, is always visible.



Water bottle: Ascent Water Bottle (Simple Modern): Hydration is essential throughout the day, whether you’re on the field or in class. Simple Modern’s Ascent Water Bottle, which keeps water cool for up to 24 hours, is perfect for slipping into a side pocket. You’ll have no trouble picking a color that matches your Adidas bag with the thousands of options available.

Pencil Case: Set KUUQA Dark Gray Felt Pencil Case Set KUUQA Dark Gray Felt Pencil Case Set KUUA pencil case is necessary for any student since it holds all of your pens, pencils, highlighters, and paper clips, preventing them from floating around in your backpack pocket. The KUUQA set delivers a high-end feel at an affordable price. Any Adidas bag model will look great with dark gray. You can use one case for pencils and the other for other goods because it comes with two cases.

Zipper Pulls: DYZD Durable Zipper Pulls: Zippers break all the time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a new backpack. Zipper pulls can be connected to the slider to replace a broken metal pull or to the metal pull itself to give it more length. The DYZD pulls come in a ten-pack with a sturdy cord and plastic ridges for a secure grasp.

top 5 best Adidas backpacks

IMAGE Product NAME Details STORE
Adidas Adidas 91YKb63wdfS. AC SL1500 Adidas Alliance II Sackpack, Black, One Size
  • Size:One Size
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Adidas Adidas 61n9aXnm8+L. AC SL1500 Adidas Unisex League 3 Stripe Backpack, Black, ONE SIZE
  • Size:One
  • Color:Black
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Adidas Adidas 81II1AN2mHS. AC SL1500 Adidas Excel 6 Backpack, Jersey Black/Black/White FW21, One Size
  • Size:One Size
  • Color:Jersey Black/Black/White Fw21
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Adidas Adidas 813PRiyIcPL. AC SL1500 Adidas Excel 6 Backpack, Jersey White/Black FW21, One Size
  • Size:One
  • Color:Jersey White/Black Fw21
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Adidas Adidas 71pgulgGPBL. AC SL1001 Adidas Originals Women's Santiago Mini Backpack, Black/White, One Size
  • Size:One
  • Color:Black/White
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Adidas backpacks are available in a variety of pricing ranges, ranging from $25 to $180. The price of a backpack is mostly determined by its size, material, design, and additional compartments.


If you don’t need anything spectacular, a respectable Adidas backpack will set you back $25 to $50. This collection includes backpacks for both children and adults. Most of them have a front compartment and are zipped rather than top-loading. Some backpacks in this price range don’t have side pockets, to be aware.


Top-loading backpacks are priced between $50 and $100. Bags feature more divisions and a larger capacity. If you’re looking for a sports bag with a ventilated shoe pocket and room for a soccer ball, this is the place to go. Instead of polyester, certain backpacks may contain an imitation suede fabric.


Except for top-loading bags with huge capacity — imagine 30 liters or more — there aren’t many bags in the $100+ category. They also offer fabrics that aren’t as prevalent, such as woven nylon.


  • While thick straps provide further support, be sure they aren’t too long for your shoulders.
  • Because a backpack may store a lot, that doesn’t imply you should fill it up every day. This can speed up the wear process and reduce the bag’s lifespan.
  • Avoid sagging your backpack below the waist or wearing it on one shoulder. Both exert an undue amount of strain on the neck, shoulders, and back. Adjustable straps are found on the majority of backpacks.


Though we are always confident in the quality of the products we recommend, we also understand that having choices is beneficial. The Adidas Original Unisex Trefoil Backpack comes highly recommended. The bag is a nice size for elementary school pupils and features a prominent trefoil emblem.

There are a variety of hues available, ranging from basic black to vibrant yellow. On the interior, there are two front pockets, a laptop pouch, and an attachment for keeping keys. The trefoil bag is quite light; it’s ideal for modest loads and casual use, but it won’t hold up to heavier textbooks for older students.

The Adidas Originals National Backpack is equally impressive. For ultimate comfort, the shoulder straps and back have plenty of padding. It can accommodate binders, a textbook, various notebooks, and a laptop computer.


It’s worth noting that stuffing the backpack to the brim every day will cause the stitching to fray more quickly. The heather gray fabric is a more modest alternative to black. It’s also water-resistant, so it can withstand even the worst conditions. Only side compartments for a water bottle are missing from this Adidas backpack.

Your backpack can be used as a travel bag if you travel regularly. Just make sure it fits into your carry-on luggage (no more than 9 x 14 x 22 inches).


Adidas is a time-honored athletic brand with years of experience manufacturing sportswear. Its reputation remains high, as evidenced by its position in the current market. However, Adidas backpacks are not for everyone—especially casual or street fashion lovers. But if you are looking for a backpack that also serves as gym attire, this is the brand you want to check out.