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Lenovo is a household name in the consumer electronics sector, with a diverse product line including lenovo laptop, desktops, tablets, and even cellphones. 

The best Lenovo laptops are among the most popular on the market because there is a model for everyone, whether you are a student, professional, home user, or gamer.

The goal of Lenovo machines is to boost productivity. They’re designed with user-friendly interfaces, reliable components, and long battery life, making them very efficient in today’s world. Their laptop collection is divided into numerous categories.

IdeaPads are general-purpose PCs that provide excellent value for money. With models for multimedia, education, and just about everything in between, many of these devices are tailored toward specific activities rather than all-in-one performance. 

Legion laptops are similarly narrowly focused, designed for on-the-go gamers. ThinkPads, on the other hand, are high-end laptops with robust and well-rounded feature sets and better performance than their high-value competitors.

Do you want to know more about Lenovo’s products and features? Continue reading our in-depth shopping guide for more information, including the names of our top candidates.

Top 5 Lenovo Laptop

Best of the Best Best of the Best
Lenovo ThinkPad 15.6
Lenovo ThinkPad 15.6
  • Brand:Lenovo
  • Series:Thinkpad
  • Screen Size:15.6 Inches
  • Color:Black
  • Hard Disk Size:1 TB
  • CPU Model:Core i5
  • Ram Memory Installed Size:32 GB
  • Operating System:Windows 10 Pro
  • Graphics Coprocessor:Intel UHD Graphics
  • CPU Speed:4.2 GHz
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Best Bang for the Buck Best Bang for the Buck Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop
  • Brand:Lenovo
  • Series:2021
  • Screen Size:14 Inches
  • Color:Abyss Blue
  • Hard Disk Size:256 GB
  • CPU Model:AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
  • Ram Memory Installed Size:8 GB
  • Operating System:Windows 11
  • Graphics Coprocessor:Integrated
  • CPU Speed:SSD
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Lenovo Flex 5 Laptop Lenovo Flex 5 Laptop
  • Brand:Lenovo
  • Series:2021
  • Screen Size:14 Inches
  • Color:Graphite Grey
  • Hard Disk Size:256 GB
  • CPU Model:Ryzen 5 5500U
  • Ram Memory Installed Size:16 GB
  • Operating System:Windows 11
  • Graphics Coprocessor:Integrated
  • CPU Speed:2.1 GHz
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Lenovo Chromebook Duete 522 Lenovo Chromebook Duet
  • Brand:Lenovo
  • Series:Chromebook Duet
  • Screen Size:10.1 Inches
  • Color:Ice Blue/Iron Grey
  • Hard Disk Size:128 GB
  • CPU Model:4 GB
  • Ram Memory Installed Size:Chrome OS
  • Operating System:Integrated
  • Graphics Coprocessor:Flash_memory_solid_state
  • CPU Speed:1080p
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Lenovo Yoga C740 Lenovo Yoga C740
  • Brand:Lenovo
  • Series:81TD0005US
  • Screen Size:15.6 Inches
  • Color:Mica
  • Hard Disk Size:512 GB
  • CPU Model:Core i7
  • Ram Memory Installed Size:12 GB
  • Operating System:Windows 10 Home
  • Graphics Coprocessor:Intel UHD Graphics
  • CPU Speed:1.8 GHz
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Table of Contents


Because most Lenovo products operate on Windows (with certain exceptions), you won’t have to bother selecting an operating system. With that in mind, other essential factors should be considered when shopping.

Screen size

Your screen’s size and resolution should always be at the top of your priority list. Note that screen style (regular, touchscreen, convertible) is decided by the critical categories in the intro.

When measured diagonally, Lenovo laptop screens range from 11 to 15.6 inches. You might be able to locate outliers on both ends of the range, though. Larger screens are, of course, better for visibility, but they can reduce portability if you are constantly moving.

The resolution of a display refers to how sharp it is. A solution of 1366 x 768 HD on business laptops is expected, while 1920 x 1080 Full HD is also available. 

Select models at the top of the line have a 2560 x 1700 Wide Quad High Definition resolution, which is halfway between Full HD and absolute 4K clarity. Anti-glare coatings and LED backlights are two further aspects that influence screen quality.

Lenovo Laptop Processor

The crucial thing to remember about your processor, whether you call it the CPU, the primary processor, or simply the brain of the operation, is that it controls how quickly your computer can run programs and execute commands. A processor’s speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz), and the higher the GHz, the more operations it can do at once.

Intel or AMD CPUs are used in Lenovo laptops, and both brands offer something unique. Intel processors are faster, have more power, and have better graphics performance than AMD processors, although they can be more expensive. 

AMD’s are ideal for budget-conscious shoppers and those who value flexibility choices like processor overclocking, which allows you to operate your computer faster than it was designed to. However, an Intel is difficult to surpass in terms of pure power.

Lenovo Laptop Memory

Memory, often known as RAM (random access memory), is almost as crucial as the processor in terms of computer speed. In layman’s words, RAM is “working memory” for active programs, and the amount available dictates how much data the machine can load at once. 

Multitasking with multiple apps demands additional RAM, although word processing and moderate web browsing do not.

RAM is available in various sizes, ranging from 2GB to 16GB or more. We recommend machines with at least 4GB of RAM for light multitasking. However, if you can afford it, more is always better.

Lenovo Laotop Storage

Laptops are portable; thus, they naturally contain less internal storage than desktop computers. However, they have enough storage space for images, music, games, and other information. 

Lenovo laptops employ hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), or a hybrid drive that combines the two. Solid-state drives use flash storage and no moving components, so they’re a little faster than traditional hard disk drives but are also more expensive.

Depending on your average workload, you may not require 1TB of internal storage, and buying a machine with less can save you money. Remember that you can always use an external hard drive to add more capacity later.

Laptops can be as light as 2 pounds, but they can also be as heavy as 15 pounds or more. Consider the mass of your machine, as well as its screen size and computing capability, if you’re a student or businessperson who travels with it all day. Trust us when we say that your back will thank you.


Following the high-level considerations, a few common traits set Lenovo laptops apart from one another and the competitors.


Lenovo laptops come in some colours and styles, as previously indicated. Some models resemble traditional notebooks, but others — including the Miix, Flex, and Yoga devices — exist inside the IdeaPad and ThinkPad brands to offer a hybrid of laptop and tablet computing. 

For example, Miix laptops include a touchscreen tablet with a detachable keyboard. Lenovo Yoga models also have a 2-in-1 design, but they have a unique hinge that allows you to rotate the screen 360 degrees. 

These touchscreens allow ultra-quick and intuitive navigation across the computer’s system, support handwriting and drawing apps and pinch-to-zoom technology, and are ideal for business presentations.

Advanced security

One reason for Lenovo’s popularity among business professionals is the company’s attention to security. Lenovo provides additional security features such as fingerprint readers and typical security features such as firewalls and secured user IDs.

 Privacy Guard is a feature on some ThinkPad models that uses infrared cameras to inform you if someone walks behind you and peeks at your screen. The Basic Input Output System takes it a step farther (BIOS). 

Secure Wipe is a function in new BIOS versions that safely erases your SSD when requested. In the event of a cyberattack, it also allows the user to revert to a secure Time Machine backup.

Input ports

Laptops are supposed to be fully functional without using any external devices, which is why they have a keyboard, trackpad, display, and speakers. 

External mouse, displays, and audio equipment, on the other hand, substantially increase the possibilities of a laptop, and while some manufacturers have shifted to dongles, an array of integrated ports is still the ideal way to attach peripherals.

If you want to complete your portable computing setup, you’ll need HDMI, USB, Ethernet, DC in, and Thunderbolt ports, so read product descriptions carefully and make an informed decision.


Laptop cooling pad: Targus Lightweight Chill Mat 

Excellent laptops generate a lot of heat. We created this cooling pad with portability in mind, and we designed it with dual fans to keep your Lenovo from overheating. Four sticky rubber pads keep it in position on a desk, and the neutral grey colour makes it an excellent choice for the office for working on your business laptop.

External hard drive: Samsung X5 Portable SSD

This external Thunderbolt 3 SSD boasts a massive 1TB of capacity. You can pay a little more for 2TB of storage or a little less for 500GB of storage if you wish. Whatever option you choose, we think having this extra storage on hand is a brilliant idea, so you don’t have to delete or pick and choose what to save in the future.

Computer desk: Prepac Floating Desk with Storage

We couldn’t help but add this to our favourites list. Simply place it on the wall using the provided hanging rail system and pull up a chair when you’re ready to work. We think you’ll like this clever desk if you’re into portability or space-saving design, as many laptop owners are.


The product lineup determines the pricing ranges for Lenovo laptops. Within each category, however, there is some variation.

Inexpensive:  The most affordable Lenovo PCs can be found in the classic laptop and IdeaPad lines, which start at around $200 and run up to about $500. Traditional laptops and IdeaPads range in size from 11 to 15.6 inches.

Mid-range: entry-level ThinkPad and Legion gaming devices with Nvidia GTX graphics cards and screens up to 17 inches are available in the $500 to $1,000 range. For example, the IdeaPad Gaming 3i is priced well within this range and has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics card, Bluetooth 5, Windows 10, and an Intel Core i5 processor.

Expensive: Some of the greatest Lenovo laptops, such as the flagship ThinkPad and Legion models, can be obtained for $1,000 or more. These machines have the fastest CPUs, graphics cards, security systems, and the largest displays.

Lenovo Laptop Tips

  • Gaming laptops come with a lot of power straight out of the box. However, we recommend investing in a new mouse, studio headphones, and an external monitor for superior coordination, studio headphones, and the most incredible visuals.
  • Stacking up your files is essential no matter what computer you have or what security features it has. Although you can do this wirelessly over the cloud, a physical backup on an external hard drive is always a good idea.
  • A laptop’s worst enemy is heated. Many computers have built-in cooling fans. However, a cooling pad can provide more efficient temperature regulation. Also, ensure that cushions, blankets, or other things aren’t blocking your laptop vents.


Overall, Lenovo has a lot to offer the consumer market. Their laptops are extremely varied and include options for virtually all types of users, whether you’re looking for pure performance, a dependable workhorse hitting all the budget-friendly sweet spots, or something that’s more specialized in its focus.


Are Lenovos safe from viruses?

Although no computer is totally secure, you may protect your machine and data by using virus-scanning software and installing web browsers that warn you about dangerous websites. Furthermore, because a Chromebook, such as the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, operates on the Chrome OS rather than its own software, you are less likely to run into issues.

Are Lenovo laptops suitable for gaming?

Although no computer is totally secure, you may protect your machine and data by using virus-scanning software and installing web browsers that warn you about dangerous websites. Furthermore, because a Chromebook, such as the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, operates on the Chrome OS rather than its own software, you are less likely to run into issues.

How do I decide between a conventional laptop, a tablet, or a combination?

Tablets and combo models, on the whole, have less powerful processors, less RAM, less storage, and more minor features than laptops. However, portability and versatility may be limited, and they generally cost more.
Lenovo’s 2-in-1 systems bridge the gap and provide a unique compromise, and depending on your workload and computing goals, they may be just what you need. Check out the Lenovo Yoga 9i, which features an 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and a 14-inch screen. We also propose the Lenovo Flex 5, which comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, Windows 10 Home, and other features.

Which is better for me: a Lenovo laptop with SSD or HDD?

It is dependent on your requirements. Consider a laptop with an SSD if you want a speedy computer with an OS that starts quickly. A 1TB or larger SSD is ideal. However, while SSDs are faster, they are also more expensive. HDDs are less expensive, and you may acquire a lot of storage capacity for your money.