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Best Amazon Baby Registry Completly Guide

Having a baby is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. You’ll soon realize that there are many items from the Amazon baby registry you’ll need to get to make your life, and your baby easier. 

Before your baby arrives, shopping for everything you’re going to need can be stressful. Instead of worrying about what you should buy and what you can live without when your little one arrives, here’s a list of the things I found helpful during the first few months.

However, in my own experience, receiving gifts from friends and family may sometimes be hit or miss. Even your closest friends might come up at your baby shower with yet another teddy bear or something else you don’t like since they believe they know exactly what you need.

Being given the incorrect baby gift is embarrassing for everyone. Additionally, there are a zillion more enjoyable things to do if you recently had a baby than to attempt to exchange an unwanted present at a store.

All of us here at Boutique Moods have experienced this. The most delicate and straightforward approach to keeping a list of everything you need and assisting your friends and family simultaneously is, in our opinion, to create a Amazon Baby Registry.

Consider your baby registry a massive shopping list that you may share with everyone in your immediate vicinity. The ideal baby registry will help you avoid awkward moments when receiving unwanted gifts (more on that below) but also help you save time and money.

So we set out to locate the top baby registry website. We believe that Amazon is the best option after weighing all alternatives. You can see in the list below precisely what criteria we used to compare the various options and why we believe Amazon now offers the best Amazon Baby Registry.

You were in mind when we wrote this Amazon Baby Registry guide to facilitate a rapid and effective setup. Your life will be made much easier by making the appropriate baby registry. 

You won’t have to stress about coming up with gift suggestions or, worse yet, having to visit a store to exchange a gift you don’t want to keep.

Ready? Start right here.

Create your registry on Amazon to get started. Once you’ve established your baby registry, return to this guide. We’ll walk you through each step on how to maximize the situation.

Create an Amazon Baby Registry account From Here.

Okay, so you registered for your registry? Let’s get started with our detailed instructions for creating an Amazon Baby Registry.

Table of Contents

How to use Amazon Baby Registry as a parent: 5 steps to create your baby registry

It’s simple to create a Amazon Baby Registry. We’ll go over each of the five straightforward steps in our guide.

Additionally, we’ll show you how to get your free welcome box and use your Amazon discount coupon for the baby registry as a bonus.

This is one of the most straightforward and practical online registries available, in our opinion, based on our experience with other wishlists and baby registries. You are especially considering that your loved ones are presumably already aware of Amazon. You will also have the broadest assortment of products because Amazon has almost anything you might want.

Step 1: Create your Amazon Baby Registry

Start by setting up your Amazon Baby Registry website. If you haven’t already, From Here.


You will see a page asking you to log in or create your account first if you aren’t already logged into your Amazon account or if you don’t have one yet.


Step 2: Configure your Amazon baby registry

You may now create your Amazon Baby Registry after signing up. The form you’ll see below will ask you to complete some basic details about you, your baby, and how you want to receive your gifts.


The mailing address you choose for your presents will be one of the most crucial choices on that page. If you frequently come home or don’t mind packages left on your doorstep while you’re gone, you can ship to your home address. You can also use your office address to guarantee that someone will always be accessible to receive your deliveries.

The “Gift Options” option is another critical question to pay attention to: You can decide whether to sign up for a Diaper Fund, register for Amazon Gift Cards or permit group gifting for any presents costing more than a specific amount.

By registering for an Amazon gift card, people will have the choice to send you a gift card with a specific credit amount rather than making a purchase for you. It’s excellent for those with a lesser spending capacity.

By signing up for the diaper fund, you can invite your friends and family to donate any amount for diapers, up to a maximum of $550. And you’ll need a lot of stuff during your baby’s first year, I assure you! Donations come in the form of Amazon gift cards that gift cards may use to buy diapers (or anything else on Amazon, really)

One of my favorite options is to permit group gifting for all presents that cost more than a specific amount. One of the main issues with most other baby registries is that only particular things from your list can be chosen to be purchased by friends and family. 

But what if the item you want is out of your price range to purchase alone? You can enable this feature in your Amazon baby registry so that individuals can contribute any amount they like to buy a costly item. You won’t have to restrict your list to solely inexpensive goods, which is lovely.

Amazon baby registry can also add a fantastic stroller (we recommend the Baby Jogger City Select, which has ample room to carry all your baby essentials and is compatible with the best infant car seats using the correct stroller adapter).

You can then choose who has access to your registry. That’s quite simple, and you can alter it whenever you want. These are your three choices:

  1. Make your registry accessible to everyone so that they can view it online. You can choose to make your registry public on The Bump’s website as part of this option if you’d like.
  2. Only those with whom you have shared your registry can see it. You’ll get a private link that you can share with your loved ones. This choice we favor.
  3. Just keep your register private. The only person who can view your baby registry is you (and your co-registrant if you added someone else to it).

You may choose how and when you want to be notified of a git, which is fascinating. Once more, you have a choice between three straightforward options:

  1. Get notified by email when anything is bought.
  2. Get emails from Amazon with updates to your baby registry and special offers.
  3. Subscribe to the Amazon Baby Registry Newsletter for parenting advice and exclusive discounts.

Step 3: Add items to your baby registry

It’ll direct you to a page where you can quickly add things to your list once you’ve created your baby registry. At first, it will appear empty, but don’t worry—starting to add items to your Amazon Baby Registry is quick and straightforward.


A few quick access buttons to the most crucial parts are at the top of your Amazon Baby Registry page. What you ought to see is this:

  • Registry Settings: If you want to go back and alter your baby registry settings, such as the list’s privacy or your child’s anticipated birth date.
  • Add Items: You should proceed to Add Items to begin compiling your wish list.
  • Share Registry: You may locate the shareable link to send to your loved ones in the Share Registry.
  • Welcome Box: Amazon will send you a surprise box for parents and babies worth up to $35 once you’ve finished the baby registry checklist (more on that below).
  • Discount for completion: You’ll also get special discounts of up to 20% off once the checklist is finished. You may need a Prime or Amazon Family membership to receive these savings (more on that below). This page of information outlines the discount’s terms and conditions in full.
  • Diaper Fund: If you decided to include a diaper fund in yourAmazon Baby Registry preferences, you could quickly see how much money has been donated.

There are three ways for you to start adding items to your Amazon baby registry :

  1. Use the registry checklist to get started. It’s a curated list of essentials created by Amazon. This is the ideal place to start if you are unsure of what you require. The best-selling items for each category are included in the category-organized checklist.
  2. You can even browse directly to a single product page on Amazon and add that item to yourAmazon Baby Registry if you already know precisely what you want. A new button will appear on the right side of the page when you create your registry.
  1. Last but not least, Amazon features a lengthy list of editorial content packed with suggestions to assist you with your kid if you wish to explore and be inspired. Although it’s not the most effective technique to begin your registration, once the most important items have been included in your list, it’s a terrific option to seek more suggestions. Articles such as Khloé Kardashian’s Baby Essentials and the Most Popular Registry Purchases are included in the content.

Your register will begin to fill out as you add things to your wishlist. The items in your Amazon Baby Registry are simple to change or remove at any time. If you require some of the products immediately, you can buy them directly.

Step 4: Share your baby registry with friends and family

Let your friends and family know about your baby registry so they can buy you presents.

You can always add or remove things even after sharing your registry with friends and family. If you later decide to change your mind, no problem. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return items to Amazon.


Click the “Share Your Registry” box to share your baby registry.

This is where you can acquire the link if you decide to make your Amazon Baby Registry public or private but viewable by those with the connection. Anyone interested in purchasing a gift for you need only send that URL to access your registration.

Your family and friends will be directed to your Amazon baby registry when they click that link. Of course, they’ll be able to filter your wishlist by price (low and high), but they’ll also be able to do so by priority. 

All previously purchased items will be appropriately marked so you don’t receive them again.


Step 5: Keep track of what people buy from your registry

You may sit back and unwind once your Amazon Baby Registry is public. You should take a nap!


Logging onto your Amazon Baby Registry allows you to see what has previously been purchased for you in the past (found under your account and lists tab).

You may sign up to receive email notifications regarding deliveries if you like.

I don’t go and see what others purchased me since I prefer to keep it somewhat of a surprise. I try, at least.

Bonus: How to claim your Welcome Box and Completion Discount?

You can get a welcome box and savings on a wide range of baby necessities as soon as you set up your baby registry on Amazon.


However, you might ask yourself, “How can I acquire my welcome box from Amazon Baby Registry?”

You must have finished the baby registry checklist to pick up your welcome box. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll also need to sign up for Prime. Here is where you may join up for Amazon Prime. You’ll have incredible advantages from it, and it’s quick and straightforward.

For instance, I receive free delivery within two hours of any Amazon order when I have a Prime membership. Along with a few additional benefits, I also have access to Prime Video, which is like Netflix but with its content.

Additionally, you must have received gifts from yourAmazon Baby Registry totaling at least $10. Remember that if you choose, you can also purchase something for yourself, and make sure that it was on your baby registry when you bought it.

What’s inside the welcome box, then? The Welcome Box is a surprising assortment of full, travel, and sample-size goods for parents-to-be and newborns. Here is a sample of what you might anticipate.

But the discounts are far more fascinating. The discount increases from 10% to 15% if you have an Amazon Prime membership. The concept is that if you buy anything on your list two months before your due date, you can get it at a lower price.

Remember that you are not obligated to use your discount right away before your child’s birth. After your due date, the value is still in effect for another two months.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here and see for yourself.

How to use Amazon Baby Registry as a gifter: Only buy gifts that the parents want and need.

You would be in luck if a link to a Amazon Baby Registry were sent to you by recently engaged or soon-to-be parents. One of the simplest methods to obtain a present that you know they’ll like while staying below your spending limit is to do this.

You should land on a website similar to this one when you click the link for the baby registry:

The gifts the parents would like to receive are readily seen here.

You can filter by price and priority in the top right corner. Additionally, you can view the previous purchases made by others.

Have trouble locating someone’s Amazon baby registry since you don’t have their link? 

You may quickly look for it using the registry search box above if the parents made their registry public. Amazon will present you with a selection of probable matches after you enter the names and locations of the parents.

What should you include in your Baby Registry?

What should you include on your Amazon Baby Registry now that you’ve made one?

While creating a baby registry on Amazon is quick and straightforward, deciding what to put on your wishlist can take some time.

It would help if you considered the timing when thinking. You must get some necessities for yourself in advance and some that may wait.

According to our experience, it’s advisable only to pack things you won’t need right away. 

Most folks won’t give you a present until your child is born. However, there are a few things you must have before the deadline. We believe a superb infant car seat is essential because you will require it when you leave the hospital (see our list of the best infant car seats if you need help choosing). A few diapers and baby bodysuits should also be in your luggage.

It’s also worth including one or two costly goods you might wish to buy utilizing your baby registry discount if you started your list far before your due date. Remember that the deal won’t be applied until at least 14 days have passed since you created your list.

The rest of the discount should add the rest to your baby registry. Although these are precious and vital items, you won’t need them immediately. Consider adding more clothing, plush toys, blankets, etc. These are ideal gifts for your family and friends.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here and see for yourself.

Amazon Family: Get even more benefits

I didn’t learn about Amazon Family until starting my second child’s baby register. I could have saved so much money if I had known about it before having my first child!

You may save up to 20% with Amazon Family on items like diapers and baby food while receiving the 15% Baby Registry discount and average Amazon coupons and discounts. It’s fantastic!

Since Prime, Family, and the baby registry can be a bit complicated, I genuinely believe that Amazon could streamline some of its offerings. But in essence, they all collaborate to give you additional savings when you shop on Amazon.

If you already have a Prime membership, it’s free. Select your kids’ ages, and Amazon will provide you with age-specific recommendations and savings. It’s that easy.

What should you look for in a great baby registry?

We’ve tried the most popular baby registries over the past few years, both in-store and online. So we have a pretty good idea of what makes a great baby registry.

If you already have a Prime membership, it’s free. Select your kids’ ages, and Amazon will provide you with age-specific recommendations and savings. It’s that easy.

The best baby registry should have the following characteristics:

  1. You should be able to add and remove products from your wishlist quickly and easily.
  2. It should be simple to use and share with everyone (even the less tech-savvy people around you).
  3. Locating the most fantastic offers and discounts for the things on your list should enable you to save money.

A top-notch baby registry will also go above and beyond and provide a few extra features. Registries that allow contributors to an expensive present are especially appealing to us (perfect if you need something too expensive for a single person to buy). Additionally, we favor registries that allow you to add things from any website rather than just their stores.

We compared the top-rated online baby registries using this list of features and concluded that Amazon offers the finest one.

Use of the Amazon baby registry is free, and it’s pretty simple. Additionally, you can save a lot of money thanks to discounts and special offers.

Also, Amazon is the perfect site to share with your friends and family because most people are already accustomed to shopping there. You won’t have to spend time demonstrating how to use the website to visitors.

Why use Amazon Baby Registry: 6 reasons why we think it’s the best (and a disclaimer)

We receive a modest referral fee if you create an Amazon Baby Registry through a link from our website. You might therefore conclude that our recommendation is prejudiced.

In fact, by recommending any other well-known baby registry on the internet, we might make a similar amount of money. Several major baby stores, including Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, and many more, have similar schemes.

If we suggest Amazon Baby Registry, it’s because we honestly believe it’s the most acceptable choice currently available. We utilize it for our family and ourselves; if not, we wouldn’t suggest it to you.


What makes us believe that it is the most excellent registry? According to our observations, there are six fundamental causes:

  1. Said Amazon now offers the most options for baby things online.
  2. You may quickly and easily set up the registration. It’s straightforward to use, and your friends and relatives undoubtedly already know how to shop on Amazon.
  3. Although the baby registry is free, you can get fantastic savings if you also become a member of Amazon Prime (check the latest price here).
  4. Every item you purchase from your registry is eligible for a free 90-day return policy. You can quickly return a gift for a full refund if you’re unhappy with it. No queries were posed.
  5. Having the choice to make group purchases for more expensive goods on your list is fantastic.
  6. You receive a hefty 15% discount on anything from your list worth up to $2,000 from us. The other registrars we tried either required more requirements or didn’t offer any discounts.


So, what do you think? Is writing a list of baby registry items something you’re thinking about? 

Are we maybe writing an article on it and putting it up on websites like Amazon or iVillage to help other new parents? A lot of us mothers have done that. Even if we don’t know each other, we can still connect over our love for kids and helping the next generation…or babies.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here and see for yourself.


How do I find someone’s baby registry?

1-Visit the Baby Registry Search page.
2-In the Find a Baby Registry search field, type the name, location, or state of the registry owner. The 3-projected birthdate month and year are also choices.
4-Choose Search.
5-Choose the name of the registry’s owner.

What does Amazon baby Registry do?

Keeping your newborn gear buying list in one place, communicating your exact preferences to friends and family down to the brand and model, and maybe saving money on the daunting expense of all the baby’s essentials are all benefits of creating a registry.

Does Amazon baby Registry show who purchased it?

Note: The names and addresses of those who purchased goods from your baby registry are listed on your Thank You List. Some gift-givers choose not to disclose their addresses, thus they are not listed. The Baby Registry owner’s gifts are not listed on the Thank You List.

What is the most popular baby registry?

2022’s top 10 baby registries
Babylist is the best overall. is the best runner-up.
Target is the best for essentials.
Amazon is the best for baby gear.
Pottery Barn Kids has the best nursery furnishings.
The best option for new parents is to buy a BABY.
Cheapest: Walmart.
IKEA is best for furniture.

How much should you spend on a baby shower gift?

We’ll categorize it by type of connection: People often spend between $30 and $50 on coworkers or friends. Many people spend between $50 and $100 on friends or distant relatives. Most people spend $100 to $200 or more on close friends or family members.

What is a Babylist registry?

A common wish list is called Babylist. Our registrants have selected their preferred presents from a range of retailers. The products you see could originate from any number of different stores as they have the ability to add any present from any store to a single list.

Can you see who viewed your baby registry?

When you enter into your account and mouse over Settings at the top of the page, you can see who has visited your registry and signed your Guestbook.

How long does an Amazon baby Registry last?

Terms and Conditions: To qualify for the completion discount, your register must have been active for at least 14 days. The Completion Discount is only valid for purchases made between 60 and 90 days ahead of the arrival date you specified in your baby registry.