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Best Amazon Prime Student membership Guide

Here are the procedures to convert an Amazon prime student subscription to the Student version if you’re a student looking to save money throughout the academic year.

As a college student, you know how quickly expenses add up. There always appears to be something adding to your bills, from ordering and renting textbooks to purchasing groceries.

I experienced my fair share of these annoying expenses, with Amazon as a significant contributor. I wish I had known that if I had chosen a Amazon prime student rather than scrounging off my parents’ more expensive Prime account, I (and my family) would have saved money and received discounts. I’m sorry, parents.

Avoid making the same error I did. Change your (or your family’s) Amazon prime student membership to a Prime Student subscription if you have email address to get the same perks for half off.

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What exactly is Amazon Prime Student?

Higher education students can receive the same benefits as a regular Amazon prime student member for half the price with Prime Student, a discount option. You also receive LinkedIn Premium, unlimited photo storage, discounts on textbook rentals, ad-free music for 99 cents a month, and the standard Prime member discounts and free shipping services.

Am I eligible?

If you are a college or university student right now, then you are eligible. When asked to join up for Amazon prime student, be prepared to provide email address.

How much does amazon Prime Student cost?

The free trial period for Prime Student subscribers is six months, as opposed to the regular 30-day trial period for Prime users.

Following the trial time, the subscription will cost $7.49 per month or $69 for the entire year. Therefore, if you sign up in August, you won’t have to pay anything for your discounted membership until the New Year (January).

Prime Student members can stream music and TV programs for an additional 99 cents per month.

Tempting, no? All you have to do to change an existing Amazon Prime account’s subscription plan is that.

How to switch to an Amazon Prime Student membership

Sign in to your existing Amazon Prime account

Use the email you used to signup to log into your existing Amazon account through the mobile app or online browser. Amazon account will utilize your edu email later in the registration process; you do not need to terminate this current account to sign up.

Select the Customer Service tab

In the top right corner, after logging in, choose Customer Service.

amazon prime student

Search for “Prime Student”

Search for “Prime Student” in the Customer Service help library search box dashboard and click the “Switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student” button.

amazon prime student

Fill out your education credentials.

A Try Prime Student button should appear once you choose the option to switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student. After clicking it, complete the form by entering the necessary data. Through this procedure, Amazon can confirm that you are participating in a college or university. After finishing, select “Start my six-month trial.”

Every Prime Student subscription includes a free six-month trial. Once it’s over, you’ll still be enrolled, but this time you’ll have to pay.


Select “Submit.” If your student email with domain is operational, you should be ready to go. Your usual Prime plan’s payment details will transfer to the Prime Student plan. (You can permanently alter the mode of payment.)


There’s no denying Amazon Prime can save you money, and free 2-day shipping from Amazon is also a great perk. $60 per year is a small price to pay to access all of the benefits with Amazon Prime Student. While it’s not an exclusive program for students, there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of your student membership.


Do students get free Amazon Prime?

You get a six-month trial as a Prime Student member that includes FREE Two-Day Shipping on qualifying orders. To sign up for Prime Student: Visit the Prime Student sign-up page. Fill out and send the registration form.

How do I get Amazon Prime as a student?

If you have an annual plan, log into Your Account and go to Manage Your Student Membership to confirm your student status. Visit Manage Your Prime Membership if you have a monthly subscription and re-verify that you are a student. Send in the necessary paperwork to prove that you are a student.

How does Amazon verify student status?

You will require your academic email address and the ability to validate your status, such as by sending a photo of your student ID card, to establish that you are a current student.

How long does Prime Student last?

Your membership is valid until you graduate (usually after four years). However, if you enroll in a graduate program, it may be extended as long as address is still valid. You can confirm your continuous enrollment in school to prolong the service if you receive an email from Amazon stating that your yearly or monthly Prime Student subscription is about to expire, but you are still a student.

Click here to confirm your continued enrollment, or use the help and customer service search library to look up “Verify Continuing Student Status.”