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keurig coffee maker can make hot tea as well as coffee. This tiny miraculous device can be used to quickly prepare beverages like hot chocolate. Even a Keurig for infant formula is readily accessible. But seriously, you’ll want one with the best coffee-making capabilities, like being My K-Cup compatible to make your own brews, since you know you’ll use it primarily for coffee.

A Keurig should include adjustable brew temperature, water filtration, and an energy-saving mode for the discerning coffee drinker. Choose a model that takes third-party cups if you want access to a greater variety of coffee. However, several solutions are entirely compatible. All Keurig coffee makers have easy cleaning. However, some are bigger for users that require more effort.

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Best of the Best Best of the Best
k classic coffee maker 3a5aa9
Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker
  • Brand:Keurig
  • Capacity:1419.53 Milliliters
  • Special Feature:Programmable
  • Product Dimensions:9.8″D x 13.3″W x 13″H
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Best Bang for the Buck Best Bang for the Buck 5 19f8dc Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker
  • Brand:Keurig
  • Capacity:1 Cups
  • Special Feature:Manual
  • Product Dimensions:4.5″D x 11.3″W x 12.1″H
  • Color:Black
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2 d36667 Keurig K-Slim Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Brand:Keurig
  • Item Form:Pods
  • Flavor:Cocoa
  • Caffeine Content:Decaffeinated
  • Roast Level:Dark_roast
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3 580da9 Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker
  • Brand:Keurig
  • Capacity:2.9 Quarts
  • Color:Silver
  • Special Feature:Timer, Removable Tank, Programmable
  • Coffee Maker Type:Pour Over
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4 60efb1 Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker
  • Brand:Keurig
  • Capacity:12 Cups, 1 Cups
  • Color:K-Duo Plus + Starbucks Variety Pack 40ct K-Cup Pods
  • Coffee Maker Type:Drip Coffee Machine
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Single-cup use

Let’s go through the fundamentals of the Keurig machine first. The one-cup-at-a-time coffee maker Keurig attracted attention from the general population. Individual serving coffee pods containing freshly ground coffee or other beverage mixes, such as hot cocoa mix, are how the coffee is delivered. 

The Keurig K-Cups are these. They’re a fantastic way to try out various flavours and coffee varieties. To keep the coffee fresh, the cup comprises a foil layer, a filter layer, and a layer of plastic.

The water is kept in a reservoir, also known as a water tank, that varies in size depending on the model of K-Cup coffee machines. 

The K-Cup is added, the button is pressed, and hassle-free coffee is obtained when only one cup of coffee is desired. The auto cutoff feature shuts the machine off when the brewing process is finished, providing room for subsequent use.

keurig Coffee Maker Longevity

Keurig claims that its equipment should last for many years. Of course, like with many other items, how well you maintain your machine affects how long it lasts.

Cleaning is a necessary part of Keurig machine maintenance regularly. Fortunately, this procedure is simple.

keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning requirements

On several models, a descale indication light appears in the message centre when a Keurig needs cleaning. This indicates that the buildup of calcium and other minerals is significant enough to warrant cleaning. You need to run diluted vinegar through the system when the indicator goes off.

You can buy items like Dezcal to descale the brewer, while dilute vinegar works as a natural descaling solution. However, for precise instructions on use, consult your owner’s handbook.

The machine also features pins that pierce the K-Cup to access the coffee grounds or other ingredients. These might need to be cleaned to get rid of any coffee grounds or drink mix buildup. They should be cleaned with a toothpick to remove any residue because they are sharp.


Keurigs are so well-liked because of their numerous functions. Simply brewing coffee is how traditional coffee makers work. The end of that. However, Keurig includes features that elevate your drinking experience, making them some of the best coffee makers.

My K-Cup compatible

The My K-Cup, a reusable coffee cup, is accepted by these machines. Instead of purchasing already packaged coffee, you can add your coffee or other ingredients with this cup filter. It’s a fantastic alternative for people who prefer to use their coffee or tea blends and who care about being environmentally friendly.

Programmable features

You can change these settings on the device, including the language, climate control, and time. The brew size and auto-on/auto-off features are also adjustable.

Quiet brew technology

This feature is precisely what it sounds like: Some models are made to brew quietly. Since larger machines like the Office Pro models employ a heavier pump for large-scale usage, they typically do not include this technology. The majority of the machines, though, are pretty quiet.

Water filtration

Some Keurig coffee makers have built-in water filters. If you have hard water or other subpar water quality, this function is excellent. Typically, the filters are charcoal filter cartridges that are changeable.

Energy-saving mode

When not in use, these functions switch the machine off. For instance, the device might turn off after two hours or longer of inactivity.

Digital displays

Some types have buttons and LEDs for controls, but others include full digital display panels. These enable total management via touchscreen, including adjusting hot and cold water distribution.

The device can also contain a digital clock or a setting for a nightlight to light up the kitchen.

The Keurig corporation was named by its founders after a Dutch word for excellence.


There are numerous varieties of Keurig machines. Here are a few of the primary Keurig categories rather than detailing every individual model.

Keurig Classic series

These short versions don’t take up much counter space while producing the single-serve coffee for which the company is known. K-Cup pods are used by them. This device is what you want if you just want your cup of coffee quickly.

Keurig Plus series

The more sophisticated Keurig Plus home appliances can brew a full four-cup carafe. These offer touchscreen controls with additional brew customization choices, including strength control.

These are compatible with K-Mug, K-Cup, and K-Carafe pods.

Keurig Mini models

Keurig produces more minor variants that are perfect for small areas for coffee enthusiasts with very little space on their countertops. The Keurig K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, and K-Slim have identical functionality to their bigger cousins but feature a slimmer, more compact form.

Commercial models

Commercial models, significantly larger machines designed for use in offices, occupy a lot of counter space. They might be for personnel, or they might be put out in a waiting area for customers.

They frequently have enormous water reservoirs and are constructed entirely for high-yield use. A few even include full Keurig brand kiosks.

These don’t have online price lists and are only offered through authorized distributors.

Keurig Accessories

To go along with their machines, Keurig also provides a few accessories in addition to the My K-Cup. The well-known company produces a travel mug, milk frother, and maintenance package.

Keurigs are not only for making coffee. Tea, cider, and chocolate, among many other beverages, are also made with them.


$100 to $120

Keurig Classic Series machines for residential use fall within this pricing range. In contrast to the machine at the top of the pricing range, the one at the bottom does not have a water reservoir. At the top of the pricing range, programmable features start to appear.

$130 to $180

The current Keurig Plus Series is priced within this range.

The water reservoir’s capacity increases from 40 ounces to 80 ounces as the price rises.

The touch display model falls inside this pricing range as well.


Well, there you have it. We hope we’ve helped you narrow down your choices and that you feel fully confident in the model you choose to buy. The bottom line is this: owning a Keurig can be an excellent addition to your life if you have the right coffee maker.

So, check out our top picks above and find one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. If for some reason, this list wasn’t helpful enough, though, we hope that our buyer’s guide offered some insight into what makes these machines so great.

And if you still aren’t sure which particular model to buy but are leaning towards the K55 or the K40 as our top recommendations, feel free to check out our total review pages for each model to get a better idea.


How long do Keurigs usually last?

Most Keurig users claim that the lifespan of their machines is between three and five years. But before then, consider these additional indicators to determine when to replace your Keurig: Your coffee does not arrive hot off the press.

Which Keurig is the most popular?

The Keurig K-Elite is one of the company’s most popular and well-regarded models. You can choose to brew a cup from a pod in this svelte, stainless steel one-cup machine that holds 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces. With the Universal My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, you can also choose brewing from grounds (sold separately).

Is there a Keurig that makes good coffee?

Overall best: Keurig K-Elite. There is a reason why the Keurig – K-Elite dominates the single-cup market. It makes good coffee and is adaptable, simple to use, and permits minor customization. You should purchase the Elite if you want the best pod-based single-cup coffee maker.

What is the newest Keurig coffee maker on the market?

K-Elite coffee maker from Keurig
The Keurig K-Elite brewer, the newest single-serve coffee maker from Keurig, combines a premium finish with programmable functionality to give both contemporary design and the highest level of beverage customisation.

Keurig has gotten a bad rap for its environmental impact. Is the company doing anything about this?

In order to address these environmental issues, Keurig has taken extra precautions. Utilizing fully recyclable materials by the year 2025 is one of Keurig’s environmental mission statements, which can be seen on the company website. By that time, the company had also committed to replenishing all of the water used for its beverages in certain high-risk neighborhoods and to obtaining 100% of its electricity from sustainable sources. Additionally, the business has promised to stop disposing of waste in landfills by 2025.

I like coffee, but I’m not huge on it. Is a Keurig machine even worth the investment for someone like me?

Keurigs are not only for making coffee. In addition, they can create hot cocoa, cider, and tea. A vast selection is available for those who prefer flavoured coffee over basic black coffee. There are hundreds of varieties available for K-Cups, many of which are found in speciality coffee shops. People have also discovered new applications for their Keurig machines. Some others even just use it to heat water for porridge and spaghetti. Additionally, cold-setting devices may prepare delectable cold coffee concoctions with creamer, sugar, and ice.

Are Keurig machines hard to clean?

The primary issue is scaling caused by hard water. You can either use diluted vinegar to fix it or a cleaning solution like Dezcal to clean the Keurig machine. Even some models feature a descaling light that indicates when the machine has to be descaled.