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Modern video xbox one game consoles were initially released one at a time, mainly by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Each generation lasted five to 10 years before a new model was released. But now, both Sony and Microsoft have started launching different iterations of their current-generation consoles, each targeted at a certain area of the game business.

While that may sound confusing, it’s actually fantastic news, especially for console enthusiasts, since it means that there is an Xbox in Microsoft’s portfolio that is ideal for you whether you’re on a tight budget or seeking the greatest 4K gaming experience available. Here is all you need to know about the current console generation: the available models, their features, and where to find the best discounts.

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Xbox Series X
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Microsoft produced the game console in the early 2000s. Software for playing games can be downloaded via the Internet or kept on a disc.

Many games also provide downloadable, extra content that enhances the game by adding new campaigns, levels, or aesthetic styles.

You must buy the console gaming console and the game controllers to play games on it. The Xbox-compatible games will then need to be purchased.

Play Xbox games on your television by connecting it!

While some games can only be played by one person, others can be played by several. You will need additional controllers to allow more than one person to play.

Through an internet connection, several games can be played with others.

console competes against other game platforms like the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.

Other brands of consoles will not be able to play games designed for an console.


The pricing of various Xbox systems may vary depending on the bundle’s extras. You should carefully read the product description to understand what is included.

Over the years, the console game console has had a few distinct variations. Only the most recent models are sold as new, although your property may already have an older model.

Xbox One X

This compact game system is also the latest and most potent console. As a complete update , Microsoft introduced the X in 2017. Backward compatibility with console One games is available in the Xbox One X game collection.

Xbox One S

The Xbox S, a little improvement over the console with a smaller game system than its predecessor, debuted in 2016.

Xbox One

When the console was first introduced in 2013, it focused heavily on leveraging the Internet for gaming, streaming videos, and socializing. However, the consoles gaming system can also play disc-based games. Many Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible with best consoles.

Xbox 360

In 2005, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 360 gaming system. A few years later, Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox 360 model incorporating WiFi connectivity and a more compact system box. The Kinect motion control device was debuted with the Xbox 360 and an improved version of the Xbox Live service. About half of the Xbox games were backward compatible with the Xbox 360.


In 2001, Microsoft released the first console. Within a year, Microsoft unveiled Xbox Live, a multiplayer gaming platform that users could access online.


TV: You should incorporate a nice TV for the finest gaming experience in your gaming setup.

Headset: If you want more immersive play and to chat easily with teammates, you’ll want a dedicated gaming headset.

ControllerYou’ll need multiple controllers if you want to game with more than one player. You can also find controllers with various configurations to suit your preferences.


Ensure the vents in the Xbox gaming console’s case are clean of debris and pet hair, and there is room around them to prevent overheating.

The essential gaming hardware for consoles is included. However, additional controllers and peripherals are frequently purchased.

You should also have a few options while choosing the console model. Even though the Xbox One X was just released, Microsoft continues to offer the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Even though Microsoft has formally discontinued the Xbox 360, you might still be able to find one for sale in select locations.


Although the game system should come with one or more compatible controllers, you can decide to buy an extra one later. Simple individual controllers should cost between $10 and $30 each. However, more sophisticated systems are also offered for a higher cost.


To connect your console system to your television, USB or HDMI cables may be required. Depending on the length of the cable, the price of these cables will vary. The price of cables can range from $5 to $25.

Console costs

Whether it’s the One, One S, or One X, you should budget $250 to $500 for a new console. You’ll pay toward the top of the price range for the Xbox One X.

On the other hand, the older One and 360 consoles will fall towards the lower end of the range if you can find them.

Consoles with more storage space generally cost more than consoles with less storage space.

Some consoles will also come preloaded with games, which might be a little more expensive.

Hard drive

You might need to buy an external hard drive if you require more storage space than the console offers. Depending on your storage capacity, such hard drives might cost anywhere from $30 to $150.

Internet services

The Live requires an internet connection. This won’t likely be an additional cost for you as you probably already have a home internet account. Even though Xbox Live is free, Xbox Live Gold has an annual subscription fee.


Consoles owners should expect to pay a wide range of prices for new titles.

Depending on your preferred gaming style, you can buy games on disc, buy a digital download copy, rent a game for a set period, or buy a secondhand game.

In addition, Microsoft provides the console Game Pass, which allows you to access various games for a small monthly charge.

Used games can be found for roughly one-third the price of new games, ranging in price from $25 to $75.


Which way will you go? The Xbox One X offers elite performance but also a high price tag. The Xbox One S is less expensive and offers a stunning Ultra HD Blu-Ray player and support for 4K gaming. But the ‘S’ is a little older now, and with the console family expanding as it does, we anticipate that Microsoft will soon be debuting an even newer model.

For many gamers, the One S will still be at the top of the heap. It’s a great entry model for 4K TV owners who want the latest console experience without spending the most money; if you’re on a budget or your needs are more basic, it’s definitely worth considering. There’s no concrete guarantee that this will be either of your favourite models (which may prove frustrating if you prefer purchasing ahead of time).

Still, it’s pretty safe to assume that as long as you’re armed with enough information to make your purchase, this console should offer a powerful experience that can easily compete with any other release in its generation.