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Mystery Shopping Fakes and Finds

If you are a mystery shopping business owner then you’ll know how difficult it is to deal with fakes. If your business is new, then you’re more likely to be targeted by the fakes because they will try and take advantage of your lack of experience.

When I was younger, due to some reason or another, I was searching for work, and I’ve always discovered the appeal of work-from-home jobs appealing. Work-from-home jobs, which companies most readily offered, were either fraudulent or more expensive to perform than the money you earn.

The most rewarding work-from-home opportunities were difficult to locate or required skills I did not have.
My real passion and passion is in the church, which has seen me move across the country several times.

The job, until recently, didn’t pay any money at any level. It meant I needed to find a regular-paying job that would be flexible enough to allow me to carry out my church work.

My most recent change was from California and back home to Missouri. This put me in a situation where I wasn’t yet reimbursed from the local church, and I was still without secular employment. After a brief period of filling out application forms and submitting them, I became bored of the process and searched the city’s official business directory.

I began calling. I didn’t make it very far into the guide before I was asked to go for an interview. Following the discussion, I was then appointed. The position I was offered was an hourly work position with an organization that does mystery shopping.

I’ve learned much about the mystery shopping business and their issues with fake mystery shopping businesses. The fake mystery shops typically use the genuine mystery shopping company’s name, and they often refer to the company’s official website to boost their credibility. Sometimes, they even use the words of the actual mystery shopping business employees.

This article aims to show you how to stay clear of counterfeits and profit from the opportunities by demonstrating the signs to look out for in fakes, the best places to look for the items, and the most effective way to make your real bargain profitable.


This article is intended to provide anyone looking for an online job that allows flexible working hours with the information they require to make it a lucrative mystery shopping business.

Beware of checks that arrive in the mail! If you get reviews by mail from a mystery shopping business before you’ve even performed any action, the chances are they’re fake.

They could send you an email or even phone, but if they are sending you money that hasn’t yet been spent, don’t be scared. Be extremely scared! Unsuspecting individuals have contacted our office and asked for the location of their cash.

They followed the steps with care. They made the deposits and then wired the funds, but their account is overdrawn, demanding answers. The only solution is that they were conned, and we have nothing to contribute to the scam.

It is heartbreaking to inform them that they’ll likely never see that money again. Suppose you’ve been unable to recover money because of some scams. In that case, you should notify any company associated with the fraud, the FBI, and the local authorities. Don’t expect them to be reassuring, however. Your money may be somewhere else right now.

Why can’t the bank take them down immediately if the money orders are fake?

The criminals behind fakes are highly skilled at doing what they do. The only way banks can ensure that the money orders are genuine is to verify the transaction.
This takes a few days. Your bank account is stuffed with fake money, and the cash is real if you purchase something or withdraw money from your bank account.

If you transferred money to them or were instructed that you should wire it, the money was real too. The bank holds you accountable for the difference if the money you thought real disappeared.

Numerous different schemes are available to profit from any person who is too cautious. The most important thing to remember is never to offer or accept the money you can’t afford to lose.

If you receive cash in the shape of an order, check, or even cash, you must give the bank time to ensure the transaction’s authenticity. Please don’t spend or transfer money until you have verified it.

Set up a separate account to ensure you do not mix fake money with your actual money. Be careful when divulging your details.

You may think that you should stay clear of anything that comes with the word “mystery shopping” attached. Do not come with the notion that all mystery shopping is illegal.

There are many opportunities for those who want to do business shopping for cash. Businesses depend on mystery shopping to be sure their frontline staff meets their standards of service to customers. Sometimes they shop internally, bringing in top management in disguise.

Sometimes, they request their existing customers to review their services. Third-party firms run the most popular and efficient mystery shopping programs.

Nature is a secret. Businesses do not want anyone or other companies to know about their mystery shopping program, and consumers don’t want anyone to know they’re secret shoppers. Mystery shopping businesses must be cautious in how they advertise their services.

They shouldn’t announce, “we have shopped at Mcdonald’s” to the entire world. They must be general. “We have fast-food shops in this city,” they could claim.

These ads are viewed as generic and raise suspicion in those who mystery shopping businesses would want to connect with. It’s a trap.


Anyone who wants to be a buyer can look for some locations where they can make sure that the opportunities they’re finding are real. One of them is the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA).

The MSPA is similar to the Better Business Bureau, except they specialize in mystery shoppers and other mystery shopping businesses. They have a website called, and they aid in connecting shoppers to legitimate companies.

There are also mystery shopping forums, where customers discuss with each other which companies are most reliable and which ones are the worst. Many mystery shopping companies be contacted by someone who calls them a fraud in these forums.

However, be sure to take the remarks with a grain of salt. The shoppers may not have completed the purchase as per the information about the customer they were given before taking the chance.

There are always angry people out there who aim to ruin the image of businesses that they believe have been cheated of a few hundred dollars. See if everyone complains or can be just one voice out of thousands.

You can also visit the official website of the business as well as any of their social media channels. You can search for people who have made posts on the blog or the company’s Facebook page.

Also tell from the number of friends an organization can make on social media channels in addition to how frequently they use them. Remember that customers tend to be very private, So you will not get be able to see a large number of posts on forums that are public, and you’ll see enough to know that there’s existence.

Genuine mystery shopping firms are likely to have a sign-up procedure. Some are lengthy and difficult to complete, and some companies’ sign-up process is as easy as using the Facebook auto-sign-up button.

A written sample may be required, along with other details. It is not uncommon for a mystery-shopping company to request you to provide your Social Security number or EIN.

They need this information to file tax returns. If you earn over $599.00, the business must send you 1099. They might also request a W9. If the company makes direct deposits, they’ll need the bank’s information.

Asking any of these things shouldn’t make you believe that the business is not dependable. These are all essential aspects of conducting business for you as an individual contractor.

Most of the time, in most cases, unless you’re seeking editing or scheduling, sales, or another type of official position, You will not be employed by a mystery-shopping company. You won’t become one of their employees—a mystery shopping business.

If you conduct mystery shopping, you’ll be an unpaid contractor. Congratulations! You’re running your own business from home. Companies that offer mystery shopping are how you can connect with customers who require shoppers. They also handle all planning and editing for the customer.

The mystery shopping business links the mystery buyer and the company. Without all the tools mystery shopping firms are equipped with, shoppers wouldn’t be able to provide the kind of information that businesses require. Without these companies, they would be spending much more time and money on mystery shopping programs.

The companies that provide mystery shopping can be an excellent asset for businesses needing shoppers and customers looking to find companies. The most important thing to remember for people who want to be shoppers is that you’re no longer an employee. There are advantages as well as negatives.

But you are the boss, and your client is the company. You’ll probably never be in contact with the person paying you. Strange but true. It’s a strange world.

Different mystery shopping businesses each have their method of letting you know what shops are in stock. Most mystery shopping firms will provide access to their website to browse through all shops within your region.

You choose the shops you wish to visit, and once the shops have been granted, you must adhere to the customer details of the shops you decided to accept.

After completing the purchase, it is common to take a survey online. After you’ve finished the questionnaire, certain mystery shopping firms will ask editors to review the study, and, should there be any issues, the editors will then return to your shop to fix them.

If you don’t adhere to the customer’s requirements or do not finish the survey, the editors might decide to reject your store and suggest a different customer complete it.

You won’t be paid for your time or the money you spent in the process. This is a risk that comes with becoming an individual contractor.

If your work doesn’t conform to the contract you signed at the time you signed the contract, and the client doesn’t need to pay you.

However, if the survey is completed thoroughly and all the details regarding the client were adhered to, you will receive the amount agreed upon as money.

In addition, you may be granted an agreed-upon reimbursement amount for any purchases you make. The company will reimburse the mystery shopping business for their services, including the shopper’s pay. The mystery shopping firm will then pay the money due to the customers.

The payouts are made with check cashing, delivery services, or direct deposit. The day that the money is disbursed is also subject to change.

It can take as long as 90 days to receive the payment to your store, and it could take as little as 15 days after opening the shop.

Some businesses could make you vast amounts of money or reimburse you in one go. Most of these shops require a significant amount of time, a significant amount of cash up front, and a certain amount of risk.

Some places offer food, a product vacation, or service fully covered. It is necessary to be able to purchase these items first, and if you conduct the purchase correctly, you will be reimbursed 100% or in the amount agreed upon in the details of the client.

On the other hand, the majority of shops have a lower profit. Some shops make as little as $2, most of which are between five to twenty dollars. Some shoppers aren’t shopping for money but rather to have entertainment.

Some shoppers also have extensive routes to go to as many shops as they want within one day. They can turn each $10 into $100 quickly. Numerous shops are closed, and if they are properly planned, they could earn the buyer a substantial amount of money in just one day. To achieve this, they need to join the most mystery-shopping firms.

Route shopping requires lots of organization. You must be able to coordinate with the schedules of the various mystery shopping companies and ensure that the shops can be completed within that same day.

It is essential to give yourself sufficient time to travel between the locations and allow enough time to complete all surveys. Some businesses require surveys to be submitted within the day the shop has been completed.

Also, you must complete your surveys, or else companies will reject them. If you don’t meet deadlines or don’t remember about shops or other deadlines, you might be banned and unable to conduct any further shopping for certain companies.

People who can create and manage routes will most likely earn substantial cash.

Many locations can be visited multiple times by the same shopper. There is usually a rotation time. The duration of rotation can be as short as 30 days, all the way up to a full year.

Some shops are only capable of being completed once and then be allowed to shop at that place for the next time. It all depends on what the client wants.

The mystery shopping businesses may also offer affiliate programs where affiliates are rewarded by referring shoppers to the company. The programs may pay each person referred to sign up or for each purchase made by the customer recommended. They offer sub-affiliate payments too.

The art of mystery shopping is an affordable, flexible, and enjoyable source of revenue. Even if you’ve read horror stories of victims being scammed and cheated, you can be confident in choosing authentic mystery shopping businesses to look for.