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stackable washer dryer is made as simple as possible when a washer and dryer are available in the home. However, if your home or apartment is small, you might not have much room for laundry appliances. However, it does not follow that you must begin setting aside quarters for the laundromat. Even in a tiny space, you may have your own laundry centre with a washing machine.

Make essential to get the proper model if you purchase a stackable washer and dryer. Shopping can be difficult with the variety of options available.

We strive to make shopping as easy as possible at BestReviews. You will have all the information you require thanks to our in-depth product research, so you will know exactly what to look for when you go shopping. This implies that you can find the ideal products for your house quickly. Continue reading our buying guide for helpful advice if you’re ready to purchase a washing machine.

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A stackable washer and dryer is an integrated appliance with a dryer on top of the washing machine, in contrast to conventional washers and dryers that sit side by side on the floor. Most models include a top-loading washer and a front-loading dryer. However, some also have a front-loading washer and dryer.

Laundry centres are another name for these stacking washer and dryer sets. To make the most of your home’s space, you may also locate front-loading washers and dryers that you can buy separately and stack on top.

Although stackable washers and dryers often have fewer settings than standalone appliances, they are simple to use and provide a more organized laundry method.


A stacking washer and dryer have some advantages over separate machines, including the following:

Saves space: The most significant advantage of purchasing a stackable washer and dryer is that you can maximize the little room you have in your home to set up a laundry area. You may still wash your clothes at home even if you don’t have a lot of space because the washer and dryer set is frequently tiny enough to fit inside a closet or hallway alcove.

Saves money: You can save money by buying a stackable washer dryer rather than a separate washing and dryer because it is an all-in-one device.

Improves appearance: A stackable washer dryer have a modern, streamlined appearance that can go with many different types of decor. You won’t feel self-conscious about putting one of these machines in your hallway, kitchen, or any exposed area of your home because they typically have a more contemporary flare than standard washers and dryers.


Size and capacity

Any appliance’s size and capacity are crucial, but when choosing a stacking washer and dryer, you need to pay special attention to these factors. Compared to conventional washers and dryers, the components are often smaller.

The most significant benefit of a stackable washer dryer for most homes is that it takes up less room. Because of this, it’s crucial to measure the space where you intend to place it so that you are fully aware of the available room. A stackable washer dryer typically measure between 74 and 76 inches high, 23 and 28 inches wide, and 27 to 32 inches deep.

You’ll need to wash your clothes on smaller loads because these appliances have a reduced capacity. Although there is some variation in model capacity, if your home is big, seek a bigger model. The dryers give between 3.4 and 6 cubic feet of space, while the washers offer 1.5 to 4 cubic feet.

Energy type

Most stackable washers and dryers use electric dryers, while some come with gas dryers. Electric dryers can have higher ongoing costs, although they are frequently less expensive to buy initially.

Although they are typically more expensive to purchase, gas dryers can ultimately save you money on energy expenditures. To install a gas dryer, your home must have a gas hookup. If not, adding one will require hiring a licensed plumber, and the installation will likely outweigh any long-term energy cost benefits.

Energy efficiency

Front-loading stackable washer dryer sets are often more energy-efficient. If the energy expenditures of the appliance really worry you, seek an Energy Star-certified model. The dryers use 20% less energy than conventional dryers, and the washers use about 25% less energy and 40% less water.


It’s crucial to consider if the features will fulfil your laundry needs because stackable washers and dryers usually don’t offer as many unique settings and cycles as conventional washers and dryers. At the very least, the washer should give fundamental cycles, including regular, delicate, heavy-duty, and permanent press. Some may additionally contain compartments for large items like towels and blankets. Basic settings for the dryer should include no heat, low, medium, and high heat.


Most stackable washers and dryers include dial controls for setting and cycle selection. Digital and touchpad controls are available on specific higher-end versions, which can make them even simpler to use.

A stackable washer dryer is the best solution for an apartment because of its small size. Eliminate the need to carry your dirty clothes to the laundromat!


The size and energy type of stackable washers and dryers affect the price. Most of the time, you may expect to pay between $1,025 and $2,525.

Inexpensive: The typical price range for a small electric washing machine is $1,025 to $1,175. Typically, a compact gas stackable washer dryer costs between $1,098 and $1,259.

Mid-range: The typical price range for a midsize electric stackable washer dryer is $1,175 to $1,325. Typically, a medium gas stackable washer dryer costs between $1,259 and $1,500.

Expensive: Typically, the price of a large electric washing machine is from $1,325 to $1,525. Typically, the price of a large gas stackable washer dryer ranges from $1,500 to $2,525.


We hope that you have found the information in this article helpful. The article is designed to help you find the best stackable washer dryer for your home or apartment.

When shopping for a stackable washer dryer, consider not just the price ranges but also the features each machine offers. You want to be sure that you find an appliance with a good balance of price, value and quality.


What is the downside to a stackable washer and dryer?

As was already noted, each load of laundry will take up less space inside your stackable washer and dryer. The small space has a dual purpose: it lowers your energy costs but reduces the amount of laundry you can do.

Are stackable washer-dryer worth it?

Dryer and washer stacked.
Stackable units’ small size is by far their most significant advantage. They cost far less than front-loaders and are comparable in price to average top-loaders. They are perfect if you live in an apartment or condo or don’t have enough room for a separate laundry room.

How long do stackable washer dryers last?

age range: 13 to 15 years
How durable are stackable washers/dryers? The average lifespan of a stackable washer-dryer combination is 13 to 15 years. By doing routine cleaning and maintenance, you may lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.

Are the cycles of stackable washers and dryers the same length as those of traditional washers and dryers?

Typically, a load of laundry takes a little longer to wash and dry in a stacked washer and dryer. However, specific models require more time than others, so it’s crucial to pay attention to operation times. Avoid washing machines that take more than an hour to finish a load so you don’t spend all day doing laundry for your family.

 Do stackable washers and dryers require venting?

The same as with conventional dryers, some do need venting. Due to the appliance’s moisture emits, you risk having a mould or mildew problem if you don’t correctly vent your model. Some stackable washers and dryers lack vents, though. If the location where you wish to put the appliance doesn’t allow for venting, this model is your best bet. Remember that ventless versions typically require more time to dry laundry.

Should I purchase an extended warranty for a stackable washer and dryer?

A stackable machine often includes at least a one-year warranty, just like most standalone washers and dryers do. While purchasing an extended warranty for standalone washers and dryers is typically not advised, doing so for a stackable unit can frequently be worthwhile. This is since integrated or all-in-one appliances are more prone to have problems; therefore, a three- or four-year extended warranty can assist in safeguarding your investment. Most or all of their appliances may be covered by a home warranty that some customers choose to buy. Before making any purchases, we advise you to check our research on the entire house warranties and, as necessary, read home warranty reviews.